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Pamela Varkony began her career at an MOR-FM radio station and its sister NBC affiliate TV station in a Top Twenty market. Broadcasting is a passion; one Pam pursues often.

She is a frequent guest on news and talk shows discussing politics and current events as well as advocating for the rights of women in the American workplace and the developing world.

In 2009 & 2010, Pam hosted the “Power Of Women” radio show on the Voice America Internet Network, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to quality programming that both informs and entertains.

Pam continues to provide commentary for both PBS and NPR on a regional and national basis. As a member of “Alliance for Women in Media“, she served as a judge for the 2009 “Gracie Awards” in New York.

Public Affairs Television

A May, 2013, appearance on the public affairs program “Business Matters”, provided a lively exchange between the panelists, along with input from the moderator, regarding the topic of “Gender-based pay inequity in the workplace”.

  • Opening Salvo – No more fairytales, but government is not the answer either.

  • Leadership Advice – Keeping a work journal is an invaluable tool to prove your worth to an employer


Public Affairs Radio

Pamela has worked closely with her local Community Public Radio/NPR station, WDIY. From 2005 to 2014 she provided on-air commentary based on her newspaper column, as well as hosted the magazine show, Lehigh Valley Discourse.

In honor of Women’s History Month the following program aired on March 7, 2013. Women who break barriers and glass ceilings always make for a good interview; the following clips filled with wisdom and advice is proof in point.

  • Clip 1 Opening & Introduction
    Entrepreneurship often begins in childhood…

    Clip 2 Luck vs. Opportunity
    Mini miracles happen each and every day…

    Pamela Varkony - PBS

  • Clip 3 Breaking Barriers
    There are no boundaries, only hurdles.

    Clip 4 How Far We’ve Come
    The ground we’ve gained can still be lost.

    Pamela in the studio of WDIY with Cindy Ratzlaff, author, speaker, and publishing consultant.
    Pamela in the studio of WDIY with Cindy Ratzlaff, author, speaker, and publishing consultant.

National Radio

Additional Television Appearances: