Pamela Varkony doesn’t simply talk to an audience…
she touches them, teaches them, inspires them to use their intuitive abilities to enhance their lives, expand their scope of responsibilities, and impact the future.

Let Pam inspire your group or organization to perform at their highest level

  • Internationally recognized, Pam has spoken on four continents.
  • Story-telling as an art form; applying theory to real world experiences.
  • Realistic approach to achieving personal and organizational goals.
  • Insight into news, current events, and multi-cultural issues.



Latest from Pamela’s Perspectives

I Forgot to Remember…

Our lives move at such pace that yesterday's accomplishments quickly disappear from our memory. A recent move prompted an enlightening trip down memory lane that ended in a box filled with problems solved, challenges met, and hurdles overcome. On the lid I wrote "Victory Box". I'm keeping it around for those long days when things haven't gone so well. If no one else tells me I'm smart and competent, I'll tell it to myselfand then open that box and prove it. We all need to be reminded of our victories from time to time.

Proudly Presenting Perspectives Poetry Contest Winners…

By almost any standard, the Perspectives Poetry Contest has been a great success: It accomplished it's goalto encourage people to delve in to their inner most thoughts and tucked away journals and share those musings with the world. The result has been three poems that have seen the light of day and three poets who are now known for their work. This is just the beginning
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