Pamela Varkony doesn’t simply talk to an audience…
she touches them, teaches them, inspires them to use their intuitive abilities to enhance their lives, expand their scope of responsibilities, and impact the future.

Let Pam inspire your group or organization to perform at their highest level

  • Internationally recognized, Pam has spoken on four continents.
  • Story-telling as an art form; applying theory to real world experiences.
  • Realistic approach to achieving personal and organizational goals.
  • Insight into news, current events, and multi-cultural issues.



Latest from Pamela’s Perspectives

Conspicuous Consumptionā€¦

The smallest moments can sometime have the largest impact on the way we see life and ourselves. One of those moments happened recently for me when our community held a free electronics recycling day. The entire back compartment of our SUV was filled to the roof with extinct dinosaurs, victims of technology’s evolution. Wouldn’t I like to have those six plus thousand dollars, now. Every experience in life is a lesson. Do I really always need the latest and greatest or would I prefer to cruise to Mykonos. Bon Voyage, my friends.

A Rhyme In Timeā€¦

With the recent passing of Maya Angelou, one of America's greatest poets, along with my own modest success of having a poem published in the New York Times, brought forth the idea to have a poetry contest of our own. No matter how many forms your creativity takes, from cutting edge leadership to great cooking, writing down your thoughts and observations can free your mind to fly. I believe there is a poet in all of us. So dust off that old journal that's stashed in a drawer, and get writing. The world is waiting to read your thoughts!
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